Everybody’s Love


My red nails! Classy but fierce ! We all know that Red Nail Polish is so popular. It’s “everybody’s love”. At my work, sometimes I am bringing nail polishes to practice my nail art skills even in a piece of paper only. Or to my officemates. By the way,I worked as a callcenter agent for US clients. For those times that I don’t have a call, I will grab my stuff and do the work. Hehehe going back, Since my officemates know that I’m so addicted with nail polishes, we had conversations about it. I have 3 officemates and they said, they are not fond of putting colorful nail polishes. They’re just wearing either Red or Black nail polish. I was like, WHY? Because they think, having colorful nails won’t fit their personality and won’t fit the clothes they’re wearing. They’re basically referring to “color combination” of their outfit. Well, that is like way back 60’s? Haha! Nowadays, the more colorful, more chances of winning! I mean more colorful, more beautiful! We need to stop monochromatic living! We need to embrace colors and be wonderful! :))) advertisement? Haha anyway, this post is getting too long!

By the way,
Who loves colors here? ;))


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