Christmas gift


These were the gift that I received last christmas from my officemate.. Aren’t they so pretty? Caronia nail polishes and caress nail polishes that are so nice! I love the colors! 🙂

By the waaaaay.. Can you see the red star logo?? Who knows what company is that?! 🙂 Hint: The biggest mall in the world which is located in broadway NY!


News Print Nail Art


This was my first attempt to do this Newspaper nail art. And it was a success! 🙂 from the left: yellow page, news paper, blue sticky note, white paper, papyrus paper!

Hahahaha! I want all the types of paper to be on my nails.. What am i missing? Tell me other papers and the color that i should use.. 🙂

“each nail is a small canvas”

Just read it in a nail art blog as well but i forgot who’s the author. When I saw it again, I’ll give her credit for this quote. 🙂