My first attempt of glitter gradient. Not so nice but it’s fine. Need to work on properly distributing the glitters. 🙂 hope you like it thou!



Garden Nail Art

My garden nail art.. 🙂 after my Easter Nailart, I came up with this idea. Isn’t it so cute?? I had a lot of nail arts already that weren’t posted because i’m kinda busy and problematic for the past months.. Anyways, hope everything will turn out Fine. Just enjoy life! Enjoy nail art! Love nail polishes!!! :))



Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nail art achieved!!! 😉 been dreaming of this design! I don’t know why but I am loving galaxy pattern now! Not jus in nails but also in clothings… I like the way it looks. It looks so infinite!! Haha! It looks empty.. Feels like your looking in a very far distance.. But i love it!


Summer Nails


I just made this pretty summer nail art yesterday because it is already summer here in the Philippines. I like it so much! The only tool that i used to make everything is my very powerful dotter! Yes it is! I bought my dotting tools from an online store in facebook for only P110 more like $2. I’ll post a picture of my dotting tools in one of my entries here. 🙂 before anything else, how do you find my nails today? Tell me how you think of it! Ciao!